Frequently Asked Questions

  • You are required to write essays, reports, literature reviews, and speeches, and conduct research, in different disciplines. For each assignment, you must note specific requirements that must be followed.

    All papers differ in academic level and deadline

  • Our registration process usually takes about one week

  • You fill in the registration form.

    You then wait for the Recruiting Department to reach you through the phone number that you provided.

    You will then receive an email for confirmation of your account. This email will contain an auto generated password, login email and a link for confirmation.

    On its approval, you become a writer and can start writing immediately.

    Note:We hold the rights to reject an applicant who does not meet our requirements. Each candidate gets an email notification with the decision of our committee which cannot be discussed or changed. All the applicants have a chance to reapply in 6 months after an unsuccessful registration.